Wayanad -The name Wayanad

Wayanad -The name Wayanad is derived from the expression ‘vayal nadu’ which means the land of paddy fields
Wayanad is the most beautiful place of god’s own land. It is really the natures wonder land with its exotic legends, mysterious mountains, caves, landscapes, un negligible scenic beauty and aesthetic value. This land nestled among the mountains of Western Ghats and fondled by the peaks. Wayanad is one of the few districts in Kerala that has been able to retain its pristine nature. The very first pre-historic engravings in Kerala were discovered here leaving the evidence of new Stone Age civilization. Its prime glory is the majestic Western Ghats with magnificent forest and plantations. This north eastern part of the state lies at the height of 900 to 1200m above sea level. Misty hills, lush forest and pleasant atmosphere make Wayanad an unforgettable holiday destination.
Wayanad is often called the Green Paradise of God's own country-Kerala. It's a hill station district in the northern part of Kerala; with mist cladded peaks and green paddy fields. The place is famous for its scenic beauty, wildlife and traditional folk. The name "Wayanad" is derived from "Vayal nadu" which means the country of paddy fields.

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