Village Life Experience In Wayanad

To enjoy the unexplored village life of Wayanad, two packages were introduced by Responsible Tourism Cell. And these were named - Road to the Fragrant Hill & Journey to the Soul of NatureRoad to the Fragrant Hill wasdeveloped in Sugandhagiri in Pozhuthana Grama Panchayath. It reveals the traditional art of living by showcasing locally available resources like bamboo, clay and theruva grass. 

Journey to the Soul of Nature is at Karimkutty, Kottathara Grama Panchayath. This package offers the royal culture of Kurichias, the warriors of Pazhassi Raja. In the joint family system here, we can see the uniqueness of their lifestyle, traditions, rituals, customs and indigenous agricultural and medicinal practices. Another attraction of this package is silkworm production centre, which showcases the different stages of silk production and plantations like coffee, areca nut, coconut, plantain, ginger, turmeric, pepper, nutmeg etc. Another major attraction is a fish pond, which offers an interesting experience in traditional fish catching. 

Through these packages, tourists get an opportunity to interact with local farmers, kids, traditional medicinal practitioners etc. These unique packages offer rare experience and fascinating ambience of villages here and also distribute the benefits of tourism to the local community. 

In addition to this, RT Cell conducted detailed surveys like Social Survey and Core Destination Survey, which envisaged identifying the perception of local community and industry towards tourism. It also helped to identify the status of local community in the destination. Other studies like safety issues, code of conduct, brochure, audit social issues etc. were done by the cell.
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