Enjoy A Night in the Jungle

A Night in the Jungle

Duration: One Night Two days

Activities Included: 

Day 1:

• Check-in @ 1:00 pm

Enjoy a warm welcome, we'll take you to your room, you can relax, settle in with a farm-fresh welcome drink. 

• 1:30 pm 

Lunch in the outdoor gazebo. 

Enjoy vegetarian and non vegetarian delicacies served during lunch in the outdoor gazebo overlooking the meadows. You are very likely to see spotted deer walking around in the meadows while you are having lunch. Keep your camera handy as you never know what is likely to walk in to the grasslands. 

• 2:30 pm 

Relax in the farm.

Visit our infotainment center and read up on the local flora, fauna and tribes. You will get ample information about the various tribes in this area and you'll also get an idea about the animals and birds you are likely to see in Wayanad. Or you can just put your feet up and relax in the farm, enjoy the view from your balcony. 

• 4:30 pm 

Evening Tea/Coffee served in your balcony.

This is probably the best time to see animals in our farm. By this time the Elephants and Gaur should be in the meadows coming to the watering-hole for a drink and then to graze around. This is also the time when the resident wild-dog pack is active, and there is a chance that they'd come out for a drink. You can either sit in your balcony and enjoy the view or walk to the watchtower to see the animals up close without disturbing them. Enjoy the views as you sip on your coffee/tea. 

• 5:00 pm 

Malabar Giant Squirrel walk. 

Take a small trek on the road to see the Giant Malabar Squirrels and it's nesting trees. These squirrels are the largest in the world; the males are close to one meter long, covered in dark maroon fur. Our trained guide would take you for the leisurely walk explaining what you are likely to see. 

• 6:30 pm 

Camp-fire @ night near the jungle stream.

Drive through the jungle at night to a remote jungle stream, enjoy camp-fire on the banks, and experience the sights & sounds of the jungle.

During the drive, there is every chance of seeing the animals on the road in their natural surroundings and the river bank is an ideal place to soak in the jungle, while listening to our in-house naturalist talk about his experiences in the wild. You may want to carry warm clothing as you sit under the starlit sky, enjoying the camp-fire, listening to the jungle around you. (Weather Permitting) 

• 8:30 pm 


The dinner will be served in the outdoor gazebo; will have both vegetarian and non vegetarian delicacies. You are very likely to be dining with elephants, gaur and deer grazing in the meadows on the other side of the electric fence. You should be able to observe them in the moonlight as you enjoy your dinner. 

Day 2:

• 6:30 am 

Early morning coffee / tea

We will serve morning coffee / tea in your balcony. We recommend an early start to the day, early morning are the best time for wildlife sightings in the meadows and the birds will be most active then as well. You may want to go to our watchtower and spend time there since there is every chance of you spotting animals during that time. Don't forget to take your binoculars and camera; you never know what is likely to make an appearance! 

• 8:00 am 

Sumptuous Breakfast will be served in the outdoor gazebo.

The breakfast will include continental and Indian dishes. As always, you never know what will walk out into the meadows, maybe it an otter coming to fish in the fishing pond near the gazebo or it may be the serpent eagle hovering around or maybe there are elephants enjoying a bath in the watering-hole; it is best to have your camera ready just in case you get lucky with sightings. 

• 9:00 am

Guided Jungle Awareness Trek (3 km) around our farm with a trained guide to experience sights & sounds of the wild.

We highly recommend that you wear earth-coloured clothes such as dull browns or forest green while going for the trek. Do bring sunscreen with high protection factor, wear a comfortable hat, and don't use perfumes before the trek. A good trekking shoes will come in handy for the trek, get your camera charged and ready and don't forget your binoculars. 

Our farm is surrounded by protected reserves on all sides and there is every chance that you will see animals (direct signs or indirect) during your trek. The naturalist will explain the sights and sounds you are likely to experience and this trek will definitely give you an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the Indian jungles. 

• 11:00 am 

If you must leave, we look forward to your next visit where we will explore to unravel the mysteries and the hidden beauty of the Indian jungles a bit more... 


INR. 3,500/- per person


• 12.5 % taxes extra

• Check-in at 1:00 pm & Check-out 11:00am 

• Both vegetarian and non vegetarian delicacies provided for lunch and dinner 

• Entry, camera charges at local attractions to be paid by the guests 

• Additional activities available, package is completely customizable 

• Children under the age of 5 accommodated free, 50% rate for 5 to 10 year olds 

• Rates mentioned are for minimum 2 guests 

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